How to Lay-by & Xmas Lay-by

How to Lay by – the stress free Bambino Eco Toys way.

Lay by

We offer a variety of payment options at Bambino Eco Toys because we want to make your toy buying as easy as possible – American Express, Credit / Debit Cards, PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit, PayPal- pay in 4 – Buy now/Pay later PLUS good old-fashioned Lay-by.

What is Lay-By?

Basically, our Lay-By system allows you to pay a 20% deposit at the time of purchase of any item/s listed on the website, you can lay-by sale items (*but coupon codes cannot be used.)
You have up to two months (or xmas lay-by date)- to pay off the balance of your order.
Minimum purchase total for lay-by is $100. 
We send you your order as soon as the balance is paid off in full. All deposits and instalments are to be paid via bank deposit. 
* If you have applied a coupon. – we will alert you that this cannot be applied to your order in the lay-by instruction email – and you have the option to not go ahead with lay-by if this is a deal breaker 🙂

Starting your Lay-By

These steps form part of the Terms and Conditions of a Lay-By at Bambino Eco Toys.

1.Order minimum of $100. Include the word “Lay-By” or “Xmas Lay-By” in the Notes field at cart/checkout.

2. During checkout, select “Direct Bank Transfer/Layby Deposit” as your payment method – you will not be charged anything at this stage

3. You will recieve the usual Order Confirmation Email – and then a “Lay-By Instructions Email”. Please allow up to three (3) days for the Lay-By Instructions Email to be sent to you. And please check your spam/junk folder for emails from Bambino Eco Toys and add us to your email address book.

4. The Lay-By Instructions Email will provide you with our bank account details and request you to pay the calculated deposit of 20% of your total Lay-By amount within two (2) days to secure the stock in your order. If this is not paid by this date, we assume you have changed your mind , and the order is automatically cancelled.

5. You will then have two months ( or until 1 Dec if Xmas layby) from the date of your order (this becomes your “Lay-By Due Date”) to pay the remaining 80% of the Lay-By. You can pay this in as many, or few, instalments as you wish. Please email us with your order number and instalment amount each time you pay an instalment so we can confirm its receipt into our account.

From 1 JULY we offer a Xmas lay-by with due date of 1 December. This allows for a longer lay-by time for xmas but still enough time for your parcel to get to even the furthest corners of Australia in plenty of time.

6. As soon as you’ve paid your final instalment, please email us at to let us know.

7. We will reconcile your payments, we will be in touch to confirm your Lay-By has been paid in full, then will immediately ship your order to the address you provided for delivery. LET US know if you have moved!!!

Terms and Conditions of lay-by with Bambino Eco Toys

Your total Lay-By amount includes the shipping fee applicable to your order.

FIRST INSTALMENT ~DEPOSIT: If you do not pay the 20% deposit on your Lay-By within two (2) days of the date of your Lay-By Instructions Email, Bambino Eco Toys will automatically cancel your Lay-By and the items in your order will no longer be held for you, but instead will be restocked into our inventory. You will then be sent an Order Cancellation Email. We will not remind you to pay the deposit before cancelling your Lay-By.

FINAL INSTALMENT ~ If you don’t pay the remaining 80% of the balance of your Lay-By before your Lay-By Due Date, Bambino Eco Toys will automatically cancel your Lay-By, refund any deposit and instalments you’ve already paid less the Lay-By Termination Fee, and the items in your order will no longer be held for you. You will then be sent an Order Cancellation Email. The Lay-By Termination Fee is 20% of the total Lay-By amount. This 20% termination fee is not-negotiable, no matter what reason you have, and cannot be applied towards a new lay-by or purchase.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have paid your Lay-By in full before its due date. Bambino Eco Toys will not send you a reminder as your Lay-By Due Date approaches or after your Lay-By Due Date has passed. Instead, your Lay-By will automatically be cancelled and the Lay-By Termination Fee charged as described above. If you want to purchase the items again, you will need to proceed as a new purchase – and pay a new deposit.

Bambino Eco Toys does not accept returns or exchanges due to change of mind for items purchased via Lay-By.

If you wish to cancel your Lay-By at any time before it is paid off in full, we will refund any deposit and/or instalments paid by you, less the 20% Lay-By Termination Fee.

The price(s) of the item(s) included in your Lay-By at the time of purchase are final. No further discounts or price adjustments can or will be made, regardless of future sales or discounts becoming available.

Payment must be made in full before items will be shipped. A Lay-By order will only be shipped as a whole once the entire Lay-By is paid off in full. Bambino Eco Toys will not ship partial orders even if your instalments are sufficient to cover some of the items in full.

I am super-happy to work out a Lay-by due date that works for you and a particular occasion – such as a particular birthday, Pre-xmas arrival etc, BEFORE we start the Lay-by process – but once the due date is agreed to, and once you have made the payment of a deposit then the lay-by date has been set and it cannot be changed to a later date (you can move it earlier, by paying off earlier -if it suits your plans).

You can ADD items to your lay-by – but you cannot change, replace or remove items.
If you do add to your lay-by – indicate in the notes as you checkout – that you are adding to your existing lay-by. However, note that your original lay-by date still applies – and you will need to ensure your deposit is at least 20% of the new total or the additional items will go back in to stock.

Understand your legal rights under a Lay-By agreement

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) sets out the legalities of a lay-by agreement on its website. Bambino Eco Toys Lay-By Terms and Conditions are in accordance with ACCC guidance and form part of our general Terms and Conditions.