Bambino | Gift Certificate | You choose your gift value!


NB: YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE an ACCOUNT and login for a Gift Certificate to be added to your cart.

  1. How to buy one (or more) Gift Certificate/s
    Choose the amount of the Gift Certificate and add the amount (eg $400) to the box above.
    To purchase more than 1 x Gift Certificate of the same amount e.g. $400 ea for 2 friends – write $400 in the box amount and make quantity 2.
    If instead, you want to send different amounts to different people, add to cart one Gift Certificate at a time.
  2. At checkout, there is an option for you to send the Gift Certificate/s to you or to your recipient/s. There is also a place for you to add a message.
  3. If you choose to send to your friend/s directly:
    Make sure you have their correct email address.
    It might be good to let them know a Gift Certificate is on the way so they can check their spam folder.
    It is sent immediately but can take an hour to reach some email addresses. (Also at checkout,  you can choose a  future delivery date for coupon to be sent – again please tell them to look out for it)
  4. The email with the Gift Certificate provides receiver with a clickable coupon (link) that takes them to our website where the code is automatically applied to their cart as they shop.
    Your friend can also “cut and paste” if they prefer. Also if they don’t use all their credit in their first shop, the code is re-applicable until all their credit is used.

(ignore this thing about wrapping!!)

We offer FREE Gift Wrap & Card. Write any message for your card in “Order notes” at checkout.