Classic Toys | Fruit Cutting Play Set


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Wooden fruit and veg cutting Set | 18mths +

Board size:  18cm x 17cm.    |   Carrot size:   10.5cmLx 2cmWx 3.5cmH
A classic fruit cutting play set designed to teach kids about cutting and food.
A great way to introduce them to new fruits and ideas about food.
Helps with fine motor skills, hand and eye cordinations

Wooden Fruit cutting Set is a colourful role playing set with apple, carrot, banana and lemon  stuck together with velcro that can be cut apart with the safe blunt knife.
This set includes a decorated tray, a blunt rounded wooden knife, and basic fruit and veg that kids know and love?  Great as a kids gift.
Turn the board over and you have a picnic table – ready to serve up the perfect picnic fruit salad.   A beautifully made set to add to your child’s kitchen set or to encourage imaginative role play.

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