Classic Toys | New! Wooden Noah’s Ark


Wooden Noah’s Ark   | Wooden Bright Colourful Animal pairs | 24mths
Size: 22 X 11.5 X 20cm

Embark on an imaginative voyage with our Wooden Noah’s Ark Playset. This beautifully crafted set features Noah, animals, and an intricately designed ark.
Ideal for storytelling and fostering creative play, it sparks curiosity and imagination while teaching the story of Noah’s Ark in a charming and interactive way.Two by two! Pairs of animals and Mr & Mrs Noah board Noah’s Ark via a wooden ramp or fly each one on board to the top deck!
Kids get the opportunity to bring this classic story into real life as they stack their animals inside of Noahs Ark. This will help to improve fine motor skills.
A fantastic play set to encourage hand-eye coordination and imagination skills.

Made of wood with completely non-toxic, child-friendly paints and finishes.

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