Himalayan Felt | Bee Beamsprite Hive with 4 Bees!


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100% Aust/NZ Wool | Fair Trade -Made in Nepal | With 4 Bees included!!
This magical home is approx 30cm tall and comes attached to a magical mat of a diameter of approx. 30cm. It comes with a family of 4 bees.
We recommend purchasing the honeybee faerymother to go with this home.
The home has a door that opens and shuts and many windows for the bees to fly in and out of.

Deep in the faery fields of sunflower meadows, you will find the magical home of Bee Beamsprite. This faery lives with a magical family of bees that make a very special honey when the moon is full.
The honey is full of moonbeams, that the faeries use for healing the trees, animals and flowers.

This magical faery home has been 100% hand made using all natural wool, that has been hand felted.
It comes attached to it own felt mat, and has a door that opens and closes.

This product has been designed by us and hand made in our own felt workshop in Kathmandu, where we support local Himalayan woman, by teaching them a skill and paying them a fair wage, where they can work in a family friendly safe environment. Our products are designed to encourage children to use their magical imagination, where they can then grow and use their creativity throughout life in endless ways. We take them away from screens, and free from plastics, and take them back to the magic of nature.


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