Himalayan Felt | Miss Winter Water or Blueberry Fairy


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100% Aust/NZ Wool Felt | Fair Trade -Made in Nepal  | 11cm

Water Fairy or Blueberry fairy- Princess of the Water and the Blue Berry Realm. Both of these fairies  represent the blue in the Rainbow Fairy Family. This small fairy fits with fairy homes, wooden doll houses and magical play mats or can be played with just for herself.   Small Faeries are approx 11cm tall.
Choose which  of these lovely blue fairies you would like in your order.

Himalayan Journey is a colourful and creative company, bringing hand made felt products that have been crafted by local Nepalese woman. Supporting them working in a fair trade practices environment. All of their products are hand felted and hand sewn, our felt is made from 100% wool, where it is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. products are non toxic, 100% Natural.

Himalayan Journey is helping to support local Himalayan community by empowering them through employment.