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Set of 4 wonderful Aussie story books |
Soft Cover Picture Books

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Share story time with Olive the owl as she journeys across the twinkling sky, delivering books to all her friends. From MATT SHANKS – much loved Australian author and illustrator

How I love you by Anna Pignataro

A picture book full of lovely Australian animals
Far in the bush, Little Koala and Mummy were playing.
little Koala hugged Mummy very tightly and said,“This is how I love you, Mummy”
Little red dingo nuzzles Mummy’s nose, and Little Sooty Owl nestles beneath Mummy’s feathery wings……All the animals have their own special way of showing their love.

Rainforest Lullaby:  In the drowsing tropic scene Tree frog’s clinging green-on-green Snuggled safe till the sun slips down Ringtail Possum’s sleeping sound. All the animals sleep soundly in the comfort of the rainforest. 25cm x 24cm

Outback Lullaby:As the sunset spreads its glow, Little brolgas dancing slow. The outback hums with twilight sounds. Numbat dreams of termite mounds. From the creators of Ocean Lullaby and Rainforest Lullaby comes this desert ballad. Outback Lullaby is an enchanting bedtime companion. 25cm x 24cm

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