Tender Leaf Toys | Fire Engine and Fire Fighters


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3y + | Fire Truck with 4 fire fighters and full accessories

This bright red wooden fire truck features an hose and a natural wood extending arm to take the 4 provided firemen up to dizzying heights to fight fires.
Lift the back panel to access all the tools to fight a fire – or save a kitten!
Set includes:
4 x fire fighters, hydrant, extinguisher, 4 x barricades, a cone, and an extra length of hose.

Suitable for ages: 3+ yearsTender Leaf toys – each of their toys is unique, crafted from a living material, eco-friendly rubber wood hand finished using traditional methods and processes that are both kind to our environment and provide skilled labor for a large local community. Every tree that is cut down, another is planted. Tender Leaf Toys are committed to ethical supply trading.

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