Tender Leaf Toys | Stacking Coral Reef


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Stacking Coral reef with 18 fascinating sea creatures   | Stack and Small world play

30cm L19cm H20cm W | 18mths+

A wooden stacking under the sea rock with 18 wonderfully coloured sea creatures including a shrimp, a squid, a crab, 2 eels, a sea urchin, a sea anemone, a starfish, a seahorse, 4 fish, four coral pieces, and a hermit crab.

Age range: 18 months +

Tender Leaf toys – each of their toys is unique, crafted from a living material, eco-friendly rubber wood hand finished using traditional methods and processes that are both kind to our environment and provide skilled labor for a large local community. Every tree that is cut down, another is planted. Tender Leaf Toys are committed to ethical supply trading.

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