Wonders | Wooden Unicorns


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Beautifully made Family of Four wooden unicorns. Very wonderful to hold, smooth and tactile.
Sweetest wooden unicorns with rainbow manes and tails from multi colour ribbon.
The highest quality wooden unicorns we have found.
The unicorn symbolism is linked to purity, freedom, gentleness, virginity, innocence, divinity, and magic.
Seeing unicorns in dreams is inevitably a sign of good luck, happiness, and a positive omen.

This wooden unicorn family is really cute and friendly

Choose the family of 4 or in choose in pairs
XL -12cm (size measured from front toe to top of ear)
L – 10cm
M – 8cm
S – 6cm

2 pack sets are made up of :
1. XLarge and Medium or
2. Large and Small